coin07's DarkRP staff application

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coin07's DarkRP staff application

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:37 pm

Your RP (In-Game) Name: coin07

What server you are applying for: DarkRP

Your Steam name: coin07

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:64483891

Where are you from (country)?: United States

What is your current Time Zone? CST

How old are you?: 18

Have you ever been an administrator/position of rank on our/another server?: Yes, Head developer of many servers including LifePunch

What is your playtime on the Server? (2 days total is required):The server is quite new so I believe that this should not be considered.

How many warns do you have total + active warns?: 0

Are you sure you're applying for the right reason?: Yes

Why should we pick you for Staff (minimum 250 words)?: I would like to become a developer, because the server right now is pretty rough around the edges, and I believe that I would be able to quickly and effectively clear up those rough spots. I enjoy Garry's Mod and Lua Scripting as a whole. I have lots of experience, because I have developed at least 6 or 7 servers in the Garry's Mod community.

Have you ever been Kicked or Banned on our Server(If so, why)?:No

Do you have a Microphone?: No

How many hours can you be on a week?: Mostly all the time except for when I have work.

Can you do anything else for GMOD Community?: I can help get the DarkRP server into a final smooth version, so it can reach it's full potential.

Do you meet all the requirements?: Yes, except for the time.

Other information you would like to tell us(Optional)?: Nein Cat and I are partners when it comes to developing servers, and I have experience in making forums so I feel I might even be able to improve the forums.


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